iMage Brico Overview


The fastest and the simplest way to create combinations of images and text, apply effects to them and send the result both to the edited post/page and to the wordpress media section.
With this plugin you can experience a new way of creating content in Wordpress, once installed it will add an icon to the default Wordpress editor, and when you click it... the magic starts! You will be able to add images, text, rotate them, crop, duplicate, use layers to have overlapping effects, add internal and external shadows simultaneously, change their colors, transparency, angles, blur, ...

The plugin has an internal feedback engine to let you get involved into the development process, you can ask for new features as well as report a bug. Since its first release our users asked to add either the layer feature, and the iMageBrico integration and the duplicate features and the cropping image feature... and we already did it! All of them are available, and the iMageBrico version is now in beta phase.

You don't even need to update the plugin, it is kept updated un our cloud, you'll have the very last release in your hand each time you click our magic editor button, no boring manual update needed, the new features in last releases will be in evidence once the plugin is run.

Key Features

  • Install on the default Wordpress editor
  • Always updated, no manual update needed
  • Infinite image and text objects combinations
  • Multiple effects simultaneously
  • Inserts images directly into your post
  • Saves images in Wordpress media folder too!
  • Clone and Crop functions
  • Rotate, Resize and Drag every Object
  • Overlapping layers management

See them in action on the Demo page

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Enhance your Wordpress site with the power of our iMage Brico, the next generation plugin for Wordpress.


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