Crop Function Added

Following the many feedbacks we received we have added the crop feature on images, since resizing an image is not enough, now you can also crop it and get only the relevant selection you need. So, as well as the duplicate function of objects, we have included this cutout feature too, believing it is important to complete the experience of placing of the images in your compositions.
Just roll your mouse over an image and click the crop icon that pops up in the image corner. We reasonably think that now iMage Brico can worthily replace many photo editors out there, for all those jobs that do not require professional touch-up on the images, allowing you to put in your posts any image, or combination of images, quickly and simply, without the use of expensive photo editing softwares.

Layers Added


We have now the layers feature to let you manage the order in which the objects overlap one over another. But layers panel isn't useful only to manage overlapping, you can also use it to select objects that may occur to be hidden by others, you can even give a custom name to each layer. And last but not least, each layer will show a little preview of its content, in order to make it easier to find the layer you are looking for at any time.

Duplicate Function Added

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We added the duplicate function.We received many requests for a feature to duplicate graphic objects, with their effects applied, saving the time to do the same job over and over. Now you can duplicate an object to compose your artwork. This feature, combined with the possibility to manually set the location, size and rotation of objects, allows you to quickly create for example a graphic composition like the above one. As always, we are glad to receive your feedback.