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    image creation simple

  • Create your artwork with
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  • Every job
    can be very different


The Magic Power

iMage Brico offers a complete set of graphic effects that can be applied simultaneusly to any text and image. Lots of combinations are possible and every effect can be disabled or removed at any time.

  • Install on the default Wordpress editor
  • Always updated, no manual update needed
  • Infinite image and text objects combinations
  • Multiple effects simultaneously
  • Inserts images directly into your post
  • Saves images in Wordpress media folder too!
  • Clone and Crop functions
  • Rotate, Resize and Drag every Object
  • Overlapping layers management

Discover the Power


The iMage Brico engine combines many technologies with a revised accessibility, you can create your complex graphics using dynamic elements, each of them can be edited, beautified with effects, moved or deleted at any step, giving you the most flexibility ever seen.

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iMage Brico is an ambitious project, we are developing cloud features to save your drafts and thus let you develop your graphics using more then only one session, or use them as templates to save time.

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